Intelligent Intersection & Traffic Node

The intelligent intersection is much more that just finding optimal settings for phase cordination plans and green times of the traffic lights.

Measures and Actions

The combination of novel technologies in the fields



with ITS-G5, 5G, IoT
for the exchange of intentions and perceptions


Connected Vehicles

with ADAS and automation
for the individual control of the vehicles



with video, LIDAR, radar, 5G, vehicles
for the detection of all traffic participants


Simulation Methods

with Digital Twins and Szenario Management
for the identification of optimal control strategies and actions


Artificial Intelligence

with smart algorithms and Machine Learning
for best possible control, functionality, and adaptability


System-of-Systems Engineering

with according process models and methods
for comprehensive system understanding

enables automated and more individual coordination of road users with each other and with the infrastructure for active cooperation in transport.

Consequences and Advantages

This ideally results in

  • reduced travel and loss times for individual road users,
  • improved efficiency of the intersection in terms of traffic flow resulting in less congestion,
  • increased safety through collision avoidance and danger prevention via appropriate warning and assistance systems,
  • reductions in CO2 emissions and pollution by increased vehicle efficiency and energy savings.


  • Matching the interests and requirements of all traffic participants.
  • Risks of rebound effects.
  • Anticipation of interactive human behaviours.
  • System-of-systems designs and methods with emergent overall improvements.


This will be achieved by the combination of the following VERONET modules:



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The Intelligent Intersection

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