Frequently Asked Questions

Which traffic model is used here?

There is no conventional traffic model behind it at all. The traffic is its own model. We work around the data.

Why is such a fuss made about the “requirements”?

The most expensive and severe errors occur usually right at the beginning of the development in the phase of specification and conception. Therefore it is of extremely high relevance in the development and implementation of complex systems to identify conflicts and unrealistic requirements as soon as possible so as to avoid and/or eliminate potential errors in the concept.

Isn't all that becoming senseless with the upcoming car-2-X-communication?

Not at all! The issue of car-2-car- and car-2-infrastructure-communication makes the application of sophisticated traffic control algorithms even more important, because these have to become much more functional and intelligent then. Especially in the case of saturated traffic flows with high traffic volumes individual cars will not be able to sort out themselves without the introduction of superordinate traffic control instances for a fair control regime to balance the individual interests.

Only because the traffic control units are not necessarily physically linked to traditional traffic light systems anymore and these are quasi virtualized, this does not mean that traffic control algorithms can be omitted!

VERONET exactly addresses this fact already yet by its subsidiary hierarchical control architecture.

What are the implementation requirements for VERONET?

The implementation requirements of VERONET can be found here.

Which traffic sensors are required for the use of VERONET?

VERONET does not need a specific traffic sensor technology and can deal with any arbitrary available sensor data and information for the evaluation of traffic. Either Floating Car Data or stationary traffic sensors can easily be integrated and combined, as long as the data can be read in realtime. The effectively required traffic sensors are determined by the different traffic situations, which have to be handled according the results of the requirements management. There are also methods and procedures available, which help to identify and specify the necessary sensors more or less automatically.

This all sounds very abstract, can’t it be described more simply and intuitively?

We apologize for being too abstract sometimes. However, the criticised abstractness is absolutely necessary to achieve standardization of the uniform control objects and the underlying automation. Finding the right level of abstraction is the main work and art of each successful software engineer, mathematician, or indeed of every scientist. Unfortunately the right level of abstraction is not due to the beholder but due to the given complexity of the problem. And the complexity is not insignificant here. Nevertheless, enough examples should be available now to illustrate the solutions more intuitively or to conceal the abstractness in the available software solutions.

Perhaps also the following articles may help for clarification:


What's the contribution of VERONET to automated driving?

The introduction of automated and connected driving opens the opportunity, that traffic control can be reinvented or redefined for the realization of real improvements in traffic efficiency.

VERONET provides the technological framework and underlying architecture, if automated driving should be used for real improvement in traffic efficiency and traffic safety in common.

In which sense is VERONET a bionical approach of swarm intelligence?

The approach that has been developed is inspired by natural solutions in keeping with bionics. Like in an ant colony or bee hive there is no central intelligence. The ant colony consists of numerous simple individuals, which only follow simple and restricted tasks with a set of only a few simple rules. Nevertheless, the ant colony builds up a virtual creature with astonishing intelligence by the simple but neat interaction of the ants, which are individually not informed about the overall situation. That way VERONET is a kind of swarm intelligence.