Intelligent Traffic Control

VERONET is a system of algorithms and software functions for intelligent and situation-aware, adaptive traffic control, with unlimited scalability.

Signs of Intelligence

VERONET may be called intelligent, because it includes

  • prediction, detection and interpretation of the situation,
  • pondering and judging of different action plans,
  • target oriented procedures,
  • adaption to new situations (learning aptidute).


The technological fundaments of VERONET involve

  • a modular, hierarchical, subsidiary architecture with uniform control modules for the reduction of systems complexity,
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for excellent control performance and adaptivity,
  • a comprehensive scenario management for a representative and relevant data basis,
  • a requirements driven process model als cornerstone for overall automation.

Traffic Measures

The VERONET control modules can be adapted and calibrated for following actions:

  • arbitrary phase coordinationplans and green times of the traffic lights,
  • general and specific messages for vehicle's maneuvre planning,
  • traffic information and route recommandations,
  • dedicated orders of control targets for subordinate traffic modules to enforce and coordinate cooperation.

Control Targets

Possible control targets imply

  • minimal travel and loss times,
  • maximum capacities,
  • target (capacity) reserves,
  • energy balances, regularity of flows,
  • outflow limits (for flow throttling and flow restrictions),
  • reduced pollution and carbon emissions,
  • reduced collision and accident risks.

Features and Advantages

  • Adaptivity: VERONET is designed to be adaptive, including the possibility to be adjusted extremely quick to new traffic situation or even being self-adaptive.
  • Openness: VERONET is open for any kind of data and information for identification and prediction of traffic situations and conditions as well as for arbitrary actions in traffic control, traffic management and automated, connected mobility.
  • Functionality: VERONET is equipped with the best mathematics for an optimal control to fulfil the targets in the best possible way.
  • Conformity: VERONET is supported by a requirement driven, conform process model. Legacy systems can be integrated in a conform and flexible way to assure migrative and non-disruptive deployment and implementation strategies.
  • Scalability: VERONET delivers unlimited scalability for controlling traffic networks of arbitrary size.



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