System Development and Rating

If one wants to provide the best possible traffic control actions and measures with an intelligent traffic control system, one must also be able to assess the quality of the actions, according to what is better or worse. This is especially true if one expects the best possible functionality and performance.

For the assessment of traffic control systems ANDATA provides a comprehensive simulation and development environment to rate the effectiveness of different traffic control measures at a system and component level.


  • actions (traffic-lights, information and communication systems, driver assistant systems, etc.)
  • control algorithms and parameterizations,
  • sensors and information

can be assessed at different levels of concretization and development with regard to their effectiveness within the whole system.

This allows a quick identification of which component loses the most functionality. The efforts to improve the control results can thereby be applied directly where they are most effective.

Features and Advantages

  • Tools and methods for assessing the effectiveness of different traffic measures.
  • Separate assessment of the effectiveness of actions, control algorithms and sensors in the entire system.
  • Comparative assessment of different configurations of the system components.
  • Identification of components with greatest effectiveness.
  • Assessment on the basis of the specified requirements for the relevant traffic situations.
  • Realistic and reference requirements and specifications for systems and components can be determined.