Net Control

The intelligent traffic control for complete districts or cities and regions needs the coordinated control of many traffic-lights and traffic information systems. This coordination is very complex. The flexible traffic node and line control objects from ANDATA’s traffic solution approach can be compiled with relevant net control objects. This results in completely new possibilities for the coordinated regulation and control of traffic flows in entire traffic zones.

Based on the new kinds of possibilities of the traffic node and line control ANDATA delivers control algorithms for traffic networks (net control objects), which combine the available line control objects in the best possible way. Beside the possibilities for optimizing, throttling or diverting traffic line flows, the net control objects can also be used for intermodal change of traffic carriers e.g. by predictive and situation-specific park & ride recommendations even before the inner city is congested.

As with the traffic node and line control the net control object is operated via a uniform interface by stipulating the control targets instead of directly determining the control parameters. The selection of the appropriate control strategy and the best relevant control parameters can occur autonomously with the help of artificial intelligence.

Features and Advantages

  • The comprehensive net control is enabled by the hierarchical subsidiary control structure.
  • Auto-adaptive and self-learning applications are possible.
  • Accompanied by a uniform, requirement-driven process model of a controlled iterative procedure.
  • General and uniform interface by means of the free selection and stipulation of control targets instead of direct control parameters, thereby allowing new possibilities of traffic planning and management.
  • Simple integration of arbitrary traffic sensors (real and/or virtual sensors).
  • Integration and control of arbitrary actions, such as, for example, information systems, Car2X-communication, etc. The net control is not limited to traffic-lights.
  • Independent of hardware, the traffic net control object can be combined or integrated into any traffic control system.
  • Simple calibration and extension following a uniform procedure.
  • Auto-adaptive and self-learning applications possible.
  • Compatible with future technologies such as Car2X-communication.