The re-invention
of traffic control

for cooperative, connected, automated mobility

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Cooperative, connected, automated driving

Bringing the advantages really into effect!

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The safe way to
traffic automation

Safe, effective, efficient, comfortable!

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Traffic without problems by VERONET

ANDATA's moonshot project!

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Automated Traffic Management

Automated traffic management for small, smart cities

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Intelligent Traffic Control

Traffic Control with Artificial Intelligence for improved functionality

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Virtual Traffic Control

Cooperative control for connected, automated vehicles.

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The Intelligent Intersection

Best efficiency and safety of intersections due to most modern technology.

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Statements & News

Actually putting into effect the benefits of automated, connected driving!

Automated, connected driving is expected to bring improvements in comfort, safety, efficiency and effectiveness in traffic and single vehicles. But this needs new approaches in a holistic development. That is, what VERONET stands for!

Traffic control becomes obsolete with connected, automated vehicles?

Not at all! Traffic control may become a different appearance. But it stays existent and even becomes significantly more complex, so that new AI based approches become necessary for implementation. That's what VERONET is made for!

ANDATA is taking part at the Transport Research Arena 2022 as exibitor on booth 2.07, organized by the Austria Chamber of Commerce.

Following topics will be presented by ANDATA:

On October 18, the ATTC members met with invited guests from research, development, implementation and operation to show and discuss the latest achievements and developments in the field of C-ITS, Car2X, V2X, Future's Mobility, CCAM (Cooperative, Connected, Automated Mobility), Intelligent Road...

Directly from the inventors

because the copy is never as good as the original.

ANDATA is one of the inventors of AI based and virtual traffic control with numerous patents in the topic.


If you want to know more about the advantages and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in traffic management and for intelligent traffic control under avoidance of nasty rebound effects, please consult us directly: +43 6245 74063,

ANDATA - decades of experience in the development and application of AI for complex and safety critical systems.


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Recent projects

The concept of VERONET has matured for years and is being steadily improved, refined, and validated in according projects and initiatives.

IntIntSec - The intelligent intersection

Improvements of intersection efficiency and safety by modern connectivity with ITS-G5 and 5G.

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DIGEST - Digital Twins of Road Infrastruture

Digital twins as instruments for scenario mangement in planning, development and operations to resolve traffic automation.

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COPE - Collective Perception

Collective perception and cooperative information exchange to protect vulnerable road users like pedestrians and two-wheelers.

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Connecting Austria

Virtual traffic control and risk rated maps as instrument for innovative traffic management upon the example of platooning.

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