Successful completion of EVE, the project for the priority of emergency vehicles using C-ITS

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Today on March, 31st the project EVE was successfully completed under the leadership of the AIT together with all project partners. The content of EVE was the risk assessment and evaluation of safety aspects in the prioritization of emergency vehicles by means of vehicle/vehicle and vehicle/infrastructure connectivity with related C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport System) services.

ANDATA's contribution was the scenario-based quantitative risk rating and an effectiveness assessment to demonstrate the intended benefits in the application of the corresponding C-ITS services in the upcoming vehicle and infrastructure connectivity.

At ANDATA, the project results are directly incorporated into the solutions of connected driving as well as in the "Intelligent Intersection". Further results can be found on the project page of the AIT as well as in the demonstration video on Youtube (link will follow).

Further information is available on request at In particular, you can assist in the selection and design of the appropriate control strategies for your intersections and vehicle assistance systems.

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