Presentation of DIGEST and COPE at the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Conference in Stuttgart

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Digital twins and collective perception are further essential technology building blocks on the way to Vision Zero and the continuous expansion of the ODD (Operational Design Domains) of automated vehicles with the help of suitable connected C-ITS and V2X services.

ANDATA will present the project results of COPE (Collective Perception to avoid collisions with vulnerable road users) and DIGEST (Digital Twin of Transport Infrastructure) at the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Conference at the Exhibition Center in Stuttgart on 13.6.2023 from 14:15.

The main focus is on the design of digital twins of the transport infrastructure and the support of connected, automated vehicles through infrastructure services with information about the road from original sources from the motorway operators. Together with the project partners of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria from Logistikum Steyr, DLR, HiTec, consu, Joanneum Research and swarco, the foundations were laid so that information from ISAD (Infrastructure Support for Automated Driving) can be trusted and safe for easy expansion of the ODD of automated vehicles.

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