ANDATA - The Company

ANDATA is a technology venture with specific, combined experience and expertise in the fields of


Vehicle Development

control algorithms for connected, (semi-)automated driving


Traffic Infrastructure

"intelligent" traffic control and management


AI, ML & Simulation

effective system-of-systems development

That way ANDATA provides the bridge between vehicles and the infrastructure for holistic, distributed control algorithms in the field of cooperative, connected, (semi-)automated driving and "intelligent" traffic control, like it is needed in future's mobility.


VERONET - the traffic solutions

VERONET is a brand of the company ANDATA, which integrates all ANDATA solutions from the fields of traffic, traffic control and management, traffic automation and connected driving.

What is VERONET about?

If the promised advantages of automated, connected driving should really be brought into effect, then traffic control must be considered as well and completely re-engineered. VERONET provides the technical framework to do this in a comprehensively automated way. The pure introduction of automated vehicles without those accompanying measures from a holistic traffic perspective will not necessarily be followed by self emerging improvements in traffic and safety.

What's behind VERONET from technical point of view?

Technically speaking, VERONET is a modular construction system for a decentralized, hierarchical, subsidiary network with uniform control objects, building the fundaments for virtual and/or intelligent traffic control on the way to complete traffic automation. VERONET is not limited to individual transport and able to integrate any arbitrary transport modes for a holistic, multimodal traffic management. The control scheme behind VERONET can also be applied in the same way for smart grids respectively for the management of energy. That way traffic management can be combined and interwoven with energy management in a smart city.


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