Traffic control

The following applications arise in the field of traffic control:

  • Single crucial traffic junctions of a city can be controlled by the traffic node control according to the situation and in the best possible manner. Thus the source for the origin of congestion may be eliminated, in the ideal case jams can be avoided before they arise.
  • With the help of the traffic line control the main inflows and outflows of an inner city can be controlled by prioritization of certain directions, and /or conscious throttling. In combination with the net control the traffic flows into and out of a city can be deviated and controlled in a manner relevant to the situation.
  • Traffic and environmental prediction optionally in combination with incident detection enables the implementation of predictive control strategies to avoid congestion from the beginning.
  • The system rating and the requirements management in combination with the example- based representation of functional requirements allow the quick and early identification of conflicts in the functional requirements. This is the foundation of a consistent and realistic specification with comparable prototypical applications, even if conventional control modules are ultimately implemented.