The introduction of automated driving is expected to significantly improve traffic with respect to efficiency and effectiveness. But an extensive automation, reengineering and expansion of traffic control will be necessary to but the aspired benefits into effect. VERONET aims to be the technological fundament for this.

The company ANDATA provides a series of modular solution packages for automated traffic control and intelligent traffic management under the name VERONET, which can be used alone or in any arbitrary combination in the form of a construction kit. The control systems incorporate and integrate non-automated, traditional traffic participants as well as connected, automated and autonomous ones.


VERONET Traffic Node ControlVERONET Traffic Line ControlVERONET Traffic Net Control

VERONET Virtual SensorsVERONET Traffic and Pollution PredictionVERONET Incident Detection

VERONET Requirements ManagementVERONET System Rating

The technological approach of ANDATA for intelligent traffic control is formulated so comprehensively and generally that it can be applied to the control of energy networks in Smart Grids in a similar fashion. Thus the technological foundation for the combined control of traffic, environment, energy, electro mobility, etc. in future “Smart Cities” is given.